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Crowdsource Crowdsourcing

October 27, 2011

In last week’s Social Media class we discussed ideas around crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Over on our Facebook page for the class, I created a discussion page and asked students to research articles on crowdsourcing and then report.

Here are the articles they found valuable and wanted to share. So, crowdsourcing information on crowdsourcing.

Lucy – How to Run a Successful Crowdsourcing Project

Josh – Crowdsourcing a Cure for Breast Cancer

Chelsea – 3 Ways to Benefit From Crowdsourcing


Sarah – Crowdsourcing for Science

Anna – 5 Reasons It’s Not Just for Startups

Bri – Video – Crowdsourcing

Rachel – 10 Things That Have Been Crowdsourced in 2011

Dan – The Myth of Crowdsourcing









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